New CNT Motion model Curtain Wall Series CNC Router for Aluminum Extrusions

CNT Motion 32-foot Long Table for Curtain Wall Machining 1000 Curtain Wall Series Machine with One Tilting Z-head 2′ X 30′ Work Envelope * 24′ Wide X 360′ Long Cutting Area; * 60′ Wide X 384′ Long Machine Footprint; * AC Brushless Closed-loop Servo Drives; * An IBM-compatible PC, State-of-the-art WinCNC™ Motion Control Software in a NEMA 12 Cabinet; * A Full-perimeter Cable E-Stop; * Computer Control Spindle On/Off/Speed Changes; * Automatic Tool-length Measure Switch; * Pressurized and Lubricated 25mm Hiwin Bearing System; * One 10hp HSD ISO30 Four-pole Long nose 230V Tool Changer; * Two Four-station Tool Bars and Eight ISO30 Tool Holders; * C-axis for Head Rotation ±95 Degrees of Rotation; * Onboard Probe for Part Deviation Measurement; * SMC Alcohol Misting System Specifications Repeatability- .001′ Positioning Accuracy – ±.002′ Cutting Area -24′ X 360′ Z-axis Travel -18’** Rapid Traverse X & Y. – 2000 IPM Rapid Traverse Z – 300 IPM Drive Motor – Servo Drive System -(Y-axis) Helical Rack-and-pinion (X-& Z-axes)- Hiwin Ball Screw Controller – Windows® PC Warranty – 1 Year Weight – Approx. 5000 Lbs. *CNT can manufacture automated clamping and hold-down fixtures, or the customer can provide their own. **Standard specs. Optional dimensions available. Call for details and pricing.