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Used Cleen-Cut Flatbed Die Cutter
Cleen-Cut 144
Used - Good
Used Flatbed Roller Die Cutters
Stock #: 20764
Cleen-Cut Flatbed Die Cutter Machine Size: 105″ x 144″ Max Die Width: 105″ Max Die Length: Unlimited Floor Space: 133″ x 312″ Height: 66-5/8″ Max Opening Height: 4″ Shipping Weight: 7000...
Starview RP54-2 Roller Die-Cutter
Starview RP54-2
New Flatbed Roller Die Cutters
Stock #: N028
At a Glance:   Double driven pressure roller design for improved cutting registration Heavy-duty 7.5” pressure rolls and 3 HP drive motor Uses standard steel rule dies Die cutting...
Refurbished Starview RP28-2 Roller Die-Cutter
Used - Excellent
Used Flatbed Roller Die Cutters
Stock #: 20738
Specifications Electrical: 208-230 Volts/ 3PH/ 15 Amps Drive Motor: 2 HP Pressure roller diameter: 7.5” Maximum standard trim die height: 6.0” Minimum gap between rollers: 1” Maximum die...
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