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Model VX 4.40
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New Becker Vacuum Pump Model Number VX 4.40

Horse Power2 hp

Ships Factory New With Complete Manufacturer Warranty Features 100% Oil-less operation Quiet Cool operation Long vane life (20,000 Hours Guaranteed) Inlet filters Discharge silencers Direct drive Vacuum regulators Minimal maintenance Continuous duty rated 100% Oil-less Vacuum Pump Open Flow 28.2 CFM Max. Vacuum (in. Hg) 27 HP 2 RPM 1700 Weight (lbs.) 85 Noise Level 72 Inlet Size G 1/2' The new VX Series oil-less vacuum pumps take dry technology to a new level. With a guaranteed 20,000 hour vane life it is the closest thing to a truly maintenance-free pump. VX Series pumps are designed to operate on a continuous basis at any point from atmospheric pressure to a vacuum level of 27” HgV. Furthermore, a vane that doesn’t wear means that graphite dust is virtually eliminated from the exhaust; that means that it can be used for applications requiring clean discharge air.The VX Series pumps are direct drive units and are supplied with a single-phase, or three-phase wide voltage range motor. Each pump is equipped with an integral vacuum relief valve, a 10 micron inlet filter and vibration isolators.

Becker Model VX 4.40 Oil-Less Vacuum Pump - (2HP Motor 27' HgV) - New With Warranty

Becker Model VX 4.40 Oil-Less Vacuum Pump - (2HP Motor 27' HgV) - New With Warranty
New Vacuum Pumps