Used Techno Model 60120 HD-S Series 5′ x 10′ CNC Router 230V 3-Phase

5’x 10′ vacuum table with 4-zones.

Model 60120 HD-S Series CNC Router System.(230V, 3-phase)
X-Axis Travel = 60.0″
Y-Axis Travel = 120.0″
Z-Axis Travel = 12.5″
Gantry Clearance = 11-1/2″
Distance between uprights = 67″
Foot print: W=90″,L=147″,H=66″
-Control System: Closed loop Osai CNC Controller with
brushless AC servo motors and Delta AC drives. Includes
hand held pulse generator.
Control system power requirements = 220V, 3-phase
50 amp cicuit recommended.
-Drive system: Precision Helical rack-n-pinion on X / Y,
Ball screw on Z-axis.
-Includes: -PC with flat screen monitor, keyboard and mouse.
-Nema 4 cabinet to prevent dust and debris
from entering computer and control electronics.
-Free standing pedistal
-Repeatability: +/-.003 inches
-Max. rapid traverse speed speed: 2000 in/min
-Approx. weight = 3800lbs
12HP HSD Automatic Tool Changer
Fully programmable speeds from 12,000 to 24,000 RPM
Includes: (8) ISO 30 tool holders, (8) ER32 collets:
dust hood, programmable spindle speed control
electronics, Tool calibration touch pad.
Noise Level = 65db
-Vacuum plenum: 1.0″ Phenolic vacuum/t-slot table (4)
indepenent zones.
T-slot center distance = 310mm (12.205″)
-Vacuum pump: 10HP Rotary vane vacuum pump
Specs: 173 CFM, 25Hg vacuum, 81db
-Material placement stops: (3) pneumatic material placement
stops are provided so that material
can be loaded onto the machine and
the cross section of the stops are
used as a predefined origin.
System Power requirements:
-10HP pump requires a dedicated 230V, 3-ph
40 amp circuit.
-Machine controls and spindle require 230V, 3-ph
50 amp circuit
Air requirements: A clean, dry, non-fluctuating 5cfm,
90psi dedicated air source required.