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Used Northwood NW 3-Axis TA512MT Iron Horse CNC Machining Center, 5′ x 12′ Table

Hours of the machine: Power on time is 21,039 hours, Operating time is 5,908, cutting time is 3,095. Very low hours. The vacuum pump has 6,034 hours on it. Machine comes with the Schmalz vacuum lift you see with the machine. This is about a $10,000 value added to the machine.

One (1) 18HP (13.5KW ), 4 Pole “Cartridge” Spindle with HSK F63 Chuck, programmable

RPM up to 24,000, synthetic grease lubricated “Quad” ceramic bearings, a safety device for

automatic fault detection, and a maximum tool shank diameter of 1″.

One (1) Programmable Air Blast Nozzle at the spindle.

Spindle with Traveling Tool Changer Spindle Cartridge


One (1) HSK F63 “Twelve Station” Automatic Tool Changer Carousel “Dynamic” carousel is

attached to the spindle tooling plate (allowing back ground tool change while drilling) with a

safety device for automatic fault detection. The maximum tool diameter capacity is 8″ per pocket

with adjacent pockets empty and 4″ with all pockets full. Total carousel weight capacity of 120


One (1) Tool Changer Carousel Dust Shroud
One (1) 40 HP liquid ring vacuum system with a 10 micron inlet filter. The recirculation oil-vane
type pump supplies a maximum of 29.3 Hg vacuum (98% absolute vacuum) to two independent
ports on the worktables) at a maximum flow of 520 cfm.
One (1) heavy duty exhaust/reclaim muffler-filter ensures quiet and clean operation.
Vacuum Voltage: 460 volts, 3-Phase – 52 AMPS

One (1) dedicated 2.5 HP, 19-Spindle, L-Shaped Flexible Drilling Unit, with thirteen (13) vertical
spindles (5 x 8) and three (3) double-ended horizontal spindles (2 x 4); 4000 RPM; 32mm pitch;
independent selection

Color LCD Touch Screen Monitor Control Pedestal with Remote MPG Fanuc CNC Control System
Panel I Features
Intel Processor ‐ Windows 7 Operating System
12.1″ Color LCD ‐ Touch Screen Control Panel
Panel I Memory 2GB RAM
40 GB Hard Drive / DVD‐ROM Disk Drive
Network Ready (Includes Card)
CNC Features
Automatic operation (Memory)
MDI Operation & DNC Operation
Schedule function
Program number search
Sequence number comparison and stop
Wrong operation prevention
Buffer register / Single block
JOG feed
Manual reference position return/shift
Full Function Manual handle feed (Remote MPG wheel)
Feed Function
Rapid traverse/Feedrate override
Cutting federate clamp
Automatic acceleration/declaration
Rapid traverse bell‐shaped acceleration/deceleration
Linear acceleration/deceleration after cutting feed interpolation
Automatic corner deceleration (Look Ahead Control)
Feedrate control with acceleration in circular interpolation
AI advanced preview control
Program Input
Tape code
Optional block skip
External memory and sub program calling function
Absolute/incremental programming
Diameter/radius programming
Plane selection
Automatic coordinate system setting
Workpiece coordinate system/preset
Addition of workpiece coordinate system pair
Direct input of workpiece origin offset value measured
Optional chamfering/corner R
Programmable parameter input
Subprogram call
Custom Macro B
Interrupting type custom macro
Canned cycles for drilling/ Small‐hole peck drilling cycle
Circular interpolation by R programming
Automatic corner override
Coordinate system rotation
Programmable mirror image
Full Keyboard/Mouse Ports (Two (2) PS/2)
One (1) Parallel Port
Fiber Optic Interface with CNC Controller (HSSB)
Two (2) USB Ports
Two (2) Serial/RS232 Ports
Axis Control
Axis Control by PMC
Axis Synchronous/ Simultaneous Control
Position Switch
Interpolation Functions
Nano interpolation
Positioning/Single direction positioning
Exact stop mode
Cutting mode
Linear, Circular, Cylindrical and Helical interpolation
Dwell (G4)
High‐speed skip
Auxiliary/Spindle Speed Function
Auxiliary function
2nd auxiliary function
Spindle analog output
Spindle Override
Dry Run
Tool function/Tool compensation
Tool offset memory (400 pairs)
Tool radius/Tool length compensation
Tool length measurement & Cutter compensation
Inch/Metric compatibility
Accuracy compensation function
Backlash compensation
Store pitch error compensation
Editing Operation
Part Program Storage Size (512K)
400 Total Registered Programs
Part program background and extended editing
Program protect
Setting and Display
Current position display
Alarm Message/Alarm History display
Operator Message/Operator History display
Run hour and parts count display
Actual cutting federate display
Maintenance information screen
One (1) Button Work Surface Milling & Part Program Orientation
One (1) Dust Shroud Pushbutton Override for Safety

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