Used AXYZ Model 4008 CNC Router 58,5” x 100”


Used AXYZ Model 4008 CNC Router
includes tool holders, collets and all related equipment.

Technical Specifications:
processing capacities of 100″ in length x 58.5″ in width x 7.5″ “Z” axis stroke
equipped with an automatic tool changer (ATC) system
HSD 10.8 H.P. 6,000 to 24,000 R.P.M
variable speed quick-release spindle with digital AC inverter
88.5″ left cantilevered gantry
eight (8) position gantry-mounted enclosed tool carrousel
eight (8) ISO 30 tool holders and collets
8″ gantry clearance/Z-axis stroke
a F-25 automatic Tool-tip sensor
adjustable brush foot for chip containment and extraction
S-mouse rapid material surface/tool-tip sensor
zoned vacuum hold-down system including 57.75″ x 96″ vacuum grid, manifold
valves and piping for a Becker 10 H.P. dry vane vacuum pump
vacuum pressures to 25 in Hg
tool path for Windows interface software

Note: This unit is currently in service and will available for sale in late November 2018
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