Used AXYZ 8012 CNC Router 8′ x 12′ Table, New in 2001

Table features
AXYZ Tool Path interface software with large 3D files.
Fully functional AXYZ Controller with over 75 operator programmable functions
User Friendly sub console provides ease of operation
HSD – Quick Release Spindle
Double carriage (Spindle/Engraver)
Configurable with multiple gantries for even greater flexibility
High speed, high torque drive motors
High tolerance Star brand linear ways & bearings
Welded and CNC Machined Steel Table Base
Extruded Vacuum Chamber bed with integrated “T” slot clamping system
Custom fixture and hold down systems available
Rack and Pinion transmissions, Double drive on X axis and Single drive on Y axis
The most flexibility of any router table in the market

Delta Dust Collection Unit
-Three E-Trac X2C AC Inverter ( W- TB Wood’s)
-Vacuum Pump
-Air Dryer
-Computer with Tool Path software
-Compressor 5H 250 Gallon
-Extra Spindle
-Extra Set of Router spindles, pressure feet, drills, engraver,
-6 Extra Cones


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