Used 2006 Techno Isel LC4896 CNC Router, 4′ x 8′ Table

– 48in x 96in work area
– 10HP Vacuum hold down
– Dust shroud
– Touch off sensor
– 3.7kW air cooled HSD spindle (ER25 Collets will be included)
– 3 Phase power
– Work piece coolant system (Recently upgraded to top of the line Fog Buster, a $400 unit)

The machine has been slowly tuned and upgraded over the course of its ownership, and runs reliably within +/- 0.003″ run out.
Has a slotted extrusion table for use with fixtures, but MDF is currently mounted as a sacrificial bed. Vacuum bed works great for holding materials.

The machine is very rigid, and is capable of cutting wood, steel, aluminum, composites – basically anything if you can find the right endmill.
Runs through steel and aluminum easily.