Used 5 Axis CNC Routers

The CNC Router Store is the source for used 5 axis CNC Routers. Below you will find our current inventory of used 5 axis CNC Router. We carry used 5 Axis CNC Routers from manufacturers such as Thermwood, Motionmaster, DMS, Quintax, CMS, Diversified Machine Systems, C.R. Onsrud and others. There are two basic types of 5 axis cnc routers. The standard duty models from Thermwood, DMS and Motionmaster are designed for trimming of Thermoformed Parts as well as basic pattern and mold making in lighter materials such as foam and ren board. The heavier duty models are designed for pattern and mold making in heavier materials such as aluminum and wood. These models are made by DMS and Thermwood as well as Quintax, C.R. Onsrud, CMS and more.

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  • CMS 5 Axis CNC Router, Model PK B-3616-TUCU, 53″x143″ Table, 47″ Z Axis Travel, 8HP TUCU Liquid Chilled Spindle, 8 Station Auto Tool Changer, New in 2002

    Machine Number:20101 $89,500.00 Read more
  • Thermwood 5 Axis CNC Router, Model C67DT, Dual 5’x5′ Tables, New 10HP HSD Spindle with Auto Tool Changer, 36″ Z Axis Travels, Updated Control, New in 2004

    Machine Number:20267 $75,000.00 Read more
  • DMS Model D5 5 Axis CNC Router, 4’x5′ Table 7HP Double Ender Spindle, 30″ Z Axis, Includes Enclosure, New in 2011

    Machine Number:20252 $62,500.00 Read more
  • MotionMaster 5 Axis CNC Router, 5’x10′, 10HP Spindle, Auto Tool Changer, 30″ Z, Fagor 8055 Control, New in 2001

    Machine Number:20240 $44,500.00 Read more
  • Used Thermwood Model 67 Dual 5′ x 5′ 5 Axis Router, 36” Z Axis Travel, Dual Tables, New in 1998

    Machine Number:20281 $43,000.00 Read more
  • Thermwood 5 Axis CNC Router, 5’x10′ Table, 24″ Z Travels, 7HP Spindle, New in 1996

    Machine Number:20262 $29,900.00 Read more