Used Thermoformers, Used Vacuum Formers, Used CNC Routers, Die Cutting and Blister Heat Sealing Equipment

PlastiMach is one of the leading sales organizations in the United States specializing in new and used thermoformers and other plastic equipment since 1975. Our company is an excellent source for buying and selling late model equipment with nationwide contacts to find what you need or wish to sell.

Our principles, Rob Rosen and Jerry Hammerman have a combined 50 years of experience in the plastics equipment industry.


used thermoformers, thermoformers

Robert Rosen

President, PlastiMach Corporation
Robert Rosen is the President of PlastiMach Corporation and has established relationships with most of the major manufactures of new equipment, auctioneers and used equipment dealers throughout the plastic industry. Our experience as a buyer and seller of used equipment provides us the ability to understand the used marketplace on a day to day basis. We realize that a machine’s value is dependent upon many variables which are critical to ensure that the equipment can be sold or purchased at the right price. Mr. Rosen is a graduate of Ohio University and enjoys, boating and hiking with his family.
used thermoformers, plastic thermoforming

Jerry Hammerman

Vice President, PlastiMach Corporation
Jerry Hammerman has 21 years of hands on experience in sales and marketing in the plastics industry. as Vice President of PlastiMach Corp. His focus has been on thermoforming equipment both international and domestic with personal relationships with many major accounts in the thermoforming industry. His expertise in evaluating equipment is “true re-marketable value” comes from “hands on" sales of used thermoformers and related plastics equipment. As an active member of the Society of Plastic Engineers thermoforming Division since 1990 he continues to serve the plastic industry with new and innovative remarketing techniques utilizing PlastiMach’s extensive database of over 20,000 qualified users of plastics equipment.